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"Follow the evidence wherever it leads, and question everything." - Neil deGrasse Tyson

Essential Questions

What are the appropriate roles for scientific technology and human judgement for bringing charges against a defendant?

What type of evidence is left behind at a crime scene? What can be learned from the evidence?

How have advances in DNA technology helped to ensure justie is being served?


Weekly Assignments

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Science Vocabulary Words

I CAN: I can identify forensic science and how it is used to solve mysteries.

I CAN: I can analyze handwriting for common characteristics and use this to compare handwriting exemplars.

I CAN: I can identify nonverbal signs of deception.

I CAN: I can identify a fingerprint as latent, patent, or plastic.

I CAN: I can identify the three major types of fingerprint ridge patterns and combination patterns.

I CAN: I can identify the procedure for collecting and using DNA evidence from a crime scene in order to identify a suspect.

I CAN: I can identify why DNA is important at a crime scene, and advances that have been made in forensic science.

Quarter 4 Begins 03/28/2016
Week 1 (Week of 03/28/16 - 5 days)
Week 2 (Week of 04/04/16 - 5 days)
Week 3 (Week of 04/11/16 - 5 days)
Week 4 (Week of 04/18/16 - 5 days)
Week 5 (Week of 04/25/16 - 5 days)
Week 6 (Week of 05/02/16 - 5 days)
Week 7 (Week of 05/09/16 - 5 days)
Week 8 (Week of 005/16/16 - 5 days)
Week 9 (Week of 005/23/16 - 4-1/2 days)
Quarter 4 Ends 05/27/16

Fishing Trip: May 24, 2016
Swimming Trip: May 26, 2016

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Cosmos Quotes - Neil deGrasse Tyson

"To make this journey, we'll need imagination, but imagination alone is not enough, because the reality of nature is far more wondrous than anything we can image."

"Science works on the frontier of knowledge and ignorance. We're not afraid to admit what we don't know. There's no shame in that. The only shame is to pretend that we have all the answers."

"It's ok not to know all the answers. It's better to admit our ignorance than to believe answers that might be wrong. Pretending to know everything closes the door to finding out what's really there."

Science Standards

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Next Generation Science Standards

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Common Core

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Next Generation Science Standards being covered:

05/02/16 - 05/10/16

  • Forensic Science

05/11/16 - 05/16/16

  • Prepare for comprehensive final exam.
  • Exam: 05/17-05/19 on in three parts